Top Cooking Methods

    Hi guys, today I am going to write about preparing food through different techniques. Cooking is an art and technique to make food. According to me, there are few lucky people out there who are bestowed with this art. In this blog I  am going to describe about few cooking methods:

    • BOILING: It is the cooking of food in a liquid at boiling point.

    Method: Cooking food in boiling water or other water based liquids. Reducing heat and gentle boiling is Simmering


    • POACHING: It is the cooking of food in the required amount of liquid just below boiling point.

    Method: Shallow Poaching – eg: FISH ; Deep Poaching – eg: EGGS


    • STEWING: It is the slow cooking of food cut into pieces, steamed and cooked in minimum amount of liquid. The food and the liquid are served together.


    • STEAMING: It is the cooking of food by steam under varying degrees of pressure.

    Method: DIRECT – In a steamer or in a pan of boiling water

    INDIRECT – Between two plates over a pan of boiling water


    • BRAISING: This is the combined method of roasting and stewing in a pan with tight fitting lid. Braising is done to prevent evaporation, so that the food retains its own juices.

    Method: The meat is first browned in its own fat. This seals the pores and thus the juices are retained. It is then placed on a bed of root vegetables stock added to the meat and seasoned. The lid is put on and the meat is allowed to cook slowly.


    • ROASTING: The term roasting was originally applied to the cooking of meat on a turning pit or open fire. This process is also called as “Grillling” or “Barbecuing”.

    P.S: My mum is a great cook…..